Monday, October 17, 2011

new to the Battles Family...

On August 17th 2011 we welcomed
into our family.
We feel so BLESSED!
He came in at a whopping 9 lb. 6 oz. and 21 in.
and a head full of hair to make any middle aged man jealous!
At the hospital, Anistyn was a bit less than excited about this new addition, when asked if she wanted to kiss baby brother, she looked the other way and said "nope!"...that was her response to many questions that night!
The car ride home gave us much more hope! "Baby came out of mama's tummy!"
This may have been one of the times she was insisting on having
nothing to do with her new baby brother!

Proud father and son
Bennett is now 2 months, it has flown by, but we
have loved every minute of our growing family!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Viva la Mexico!!

Mexico! Secrets at Maroma Bay...all inclusive, so lots of fun and too much food!
Eric's annual work incentive trip...can't beat that!
American Idol Night
Eric was recruited to be the "Randy" on the judge panel...There were lots of,
"yo, yo, yo's" and "dawgs" said!

Minute to win it games

Tulum, one of many Mayan Ruins in Mexico
So Helamen came onto our bus and said, "If my name sounds familiar to you, you are in my tour group!" So amazing to see how the Mayan Temples really do mirror the Temple of Solomon and in many ways, our current day Temples.

Easter 2011

Easter with all the family

Sunday, May 8, 2011


OH, we miss you, especially with all the rain outside!
At least we had a lovely sunny visit!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Santa & Silliness

Last Christmas, Anistyn was much more fond of Santa...
Even a lil treat bribery didn't tempt her!
Ugly Sweater Bunco Party...and yes, that is my mom's tree skirt from the 80's!

Dear Santa, aka "ho-ho" as Anistyn calls him...I would like Mickey for christmas!
Love, an almost always perfect Anistyn!

T-Shirt Quilting

Every birthday and Christmas Eric and I rack our brains and what to get for Eric's wonderful step-dad, who is wonderful! He is a Harley lover, who enjoys an occasional Harley T amongst his travels!
This was such a fun project!

A sweet woman in our ward machine quilted the back, making it just perfect!
Except I still need to get a pic of the finished product!
Love you papa!

Halloween & Thanksgiving

yup, its been awhile...nuf said!

Ward Trunk or Treat
We were "road kill" and Anistyn was the lil stinker that got away!

My first homemade Thanksgiving! (minus the Nothin' Bundt Cake,
Eric's mom flew it in her carry on!!)

Turkey & sweet taters!!